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Meg's Resources

Meg's Resources:

**NOTE: I will no longer be using the format below to update my resources. To get a complete (and regularly updated) list of my resources, check out my bookmarks here and Here.

**I try to do my best at updating this everytime I post new icons, but with me, it's really easy to let something slip through the cracks. Especially with resources. So please let me know if I've accidentally forgotten you!!


fate: + +
blimey_icons: + +
colortone: +
_excentric_: +, +
elli: +
ewanism: pretty much everything
ownthesunshine: + + + +
dearest: pretty much everything
girlboheme: +, +
_iconographer: +
inxsomniax: pretty much everything.
soaked: pretty much everything.
loveicon: +
urbanstrokes: +
sheld0n: +
toybirds: pretty much everything.
oxoniensis: pretty much everything
unmasked_icons: + +
ytiralc: pretty much everything.


Alias cap: +
A Walk to Remember caps: +
Aviator caps: +
Bones caps: +
Chicken Little caps: +
Chuck caps: +
Closer caps: +
Criminal Minds caps: + and dj_capslock
The Covenant caps: + +
Dead Like Me caps: +
The Departed caps: +
Dexter caps: +
Dirty Dancing caps: +
Doctor Who: +
Elizabeth caps: +
Empire Records caps: +
Eureka caps: +
Faculty caps: +
Friday Night Lights caps by i_______loveyou and elena_hepburn
Gaspard Pictures: +
Garrett Hedlund: +
Harry Llyod: sophieisgod
Heroes caps: + +
Highway caps: +
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: +
Ian Somerhalder: + + +
Jared Leto: +
John Simm: +
Legally Blonde caps: +
Life on Mars caps: +
Lord Of The Rings caps: +
Lost caps: +
Mary Poppins caps: +
Michael C. Hall pics: +
Northanger Abby caps: +
The Notebook caps: +
Peter Sarsgaard pics: +
Pride and Prejudice (2005) caps: +
Requiem for a Dream caps: +
Roswell caps: +
Royal Tenenbaums caps: +
Shannyn Sossamon: +
Sleepover caps: +
Stock: + +
Supernatural caps: + +
Torchwood: +
Wonderfalls caps: _jems_

Misc image sources: sinful_caesar (AMAZING journal with TONS of lovely pics), 30stmdaily, 30stm_fullsize, 30stm_picspam, hires_hunks, hires_hotties.

Also, I use a lot of my own caps from inadream_caps! :D

If you dont see a resource here that you know I used, you can check here.. if it's not there, let me know!
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